Susan Just, June 24, 2006

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Susan Just
Onboard NOAA Ship Oregon II
June 15 – 30, 2006

Mission: Summer Groundfish Survey
Geographical Area: Gulf of Mexico
Date: June 24, 2006

Weather Data from Bridge 
Visibility: 10 nautical miles (nm)
Wind direction: 153 ◦
Wind speed: 09
Sea wave height: 1-2
Swell wave height: 2
Seawater temperature: 27.6
Sea level pressure: 1014.8
Cloud cover: 4/8 Cumulus

Science and Technology Log 

This morning when we came on watch we were informed of a new procedure.  We will now be keeping one specimen or each type caught along with one species of skate. These will be placed together in a plastic bag and returned to the lab for further study. There is a relationship study being conducted between the species.

A Hemingway fish was waiting for us this morning too.  It is red all over and has big poofy cheeks. It is interesting to look at and this one was about thirteen (13) inches long.  The catches today were much smaller than the previous night.  By morning we were not catching many shrimp at all.

Personal Log 

I had a much better time today.  It was possible to get all the work done without rushing and we were also able to keep the baskets and the lab relatively clean. When the mud gets thick, the place takes on a bad smell that becomes oppressive.  It is important to maintain a constant vigilance on the fish odor to keep the bacterial buildup under control.

Question of the Day 

During what part of any twenty-four hour period can you expect to catch the most shrimp?

Answer: The dark time.  The shrimp hide in the mud during the day and come out to feed in the dark when the predators are not able to see them as easily.


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