NOAA’s Teacher at Sea 2006 Field Season

Below is a list of the NOAA Teachers at Sea for the 2006 Field Season. Once they have embarked on their cruise, you can gain access to their logs which document their missions at sea and offer a wealth of information about the research being conducted as well as personal stories. All individual teachers’ logs can be accessed by clicking on the teacher’s name.

Linda Armwood teaches high school at George Wythe High School in Richmond, VA. Linda was aboard NOAA Ship Fairweather.

Candice Autry teaches midlle school at Sheridan School in Washington, DC. Candice was aboard NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson.

David Babich teaches science at Amerman Elementary School in Northville, MI. David was aboard NOAA Ship Fairweather.

Karolyn Braun teaches marine science at American Sama Community College in Pago Pago, AS. Karolyn was aboard NOAA Ship Ka’imimoana.

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Brenton Burnett teaches science at Campus Middle School in Conifer, CO. Brenton was aboard NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan.

Jill Carpenter teaches science and math at Hutchinson Farm Elementary School in Centreville, VA. Jill was aboard NOAA Ship Delaware II.

Patti Connor teaches science at West Genesee Middle School in Syracuse, NY. Patti was aboard NOAA Ship Albatross IV.

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Dena Deck teaches high school at Stephen Foster Elementary School in Long Beach, CA. Dena was aboard NOAA Ship Hi’ialakai.

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Linda Depro teaches elementary at Salisbury Elementary School in Lancaster, PA. Linda was aboard NOAA Ship Albatross IV.

Jacquelyn Hams teaches oceanography at Los Angeles Valley College in Burbank, CA. Jacquelyn was aboard NOAA Ship Rainier.

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Chris Harvey teaches high school at Edward H. White High School in Orange Park, FL. Chris was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette.

Jenny Holen teaches math and art at West Hawaii Explorations Academy in Kailua-Kona, HI. Jenny was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette.

Brett Hoyt teaches adult education at Billings Adult Education Center(YCDF) in Billings, MT. Brett was aboard NOAA Ship Ronald Brown.

Joel Jaroch teaches middle school at Overbrook Educational Center in Drexel Hill, PA. Joel was aboard NOAA Ship Albatross IV.

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Susan Just teaches elementary at St. John Berchmans Catholic School in San Antonio, TX. Susan was aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II.

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Kazu Kauinana teaches art at University of Hawaii in Honolulu, HI. Kazu was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette.

Lisa Kercher teaches science at Eastern Lebanon County School District – Middle School in Lititz, PA. Lisa was aboard NOAA Ship Fairweather.

Jeff Lawrence teaches science at Lowrey School in Park Hill, OK. Jeff was aboard NOAA Ship Rainier.

Nancy McClintock teaches environmental science at Center for Creative Learning in Ballwin, MO. Nancy was aboard NASA Ship Liberty Star.

Karen Meyers teaches science at Garrison Forest School in Baltimore, MD. Karen was aboard NOAA Ship Albatross IV.

Barney Peterson teaches elementary at James Monroe Elementary School in Everett, WA. Barney was aboard NOAA Ship Rainier.

Kimberly Pratt teaches elementary at in Hayward, CA. Kimberly was aboard NOAA Ship Ronald Brown.

David Riddle teaches middle school at Polk County Middle School in Saluda, NC. David was aboard NOAA Ship Albatross IV.

Vince Rosato teaches elementary at in Hayward, CA. Vince was aboard NOAA Ship Ronald Brown.

Jessica Schwarz teaches science and math at West Hawaii Explorations Middle School in Kona, HI. Jessica was aboard NOAA Ship Rainier.

Mark Silverman teaches science at Homestead Senior High School in Homestead, FL. Mark was aboard NASA Ship Liberty Star.

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Dennis Starkey teaches elementary at Plains Elementary School in Plains, MT. Dennis was aboard NOAA Ship Miller Freeman.

Jacob Tanenbaum teaches all subjects at Cottage Lane Elementary School in Tappan, NY. Jacob was aboard NOAA Ship Miller Freeman.

Kim Wolke teaches science at Long Valley Middle School in Washington, NJ. Kim was aboard NOAA Ship Rainier.