NOAA’s Teacher at Sea 2011 Field Season

Below is a list of the NOAA Teachers at Sea for the 2011 Field Season. Once they have embarked on their cruise, you can gain access to their logs which document their missions at sea and offer a wealth of information about the research being conducted as well as personal stories. All individual teachers’ logs can be accessed by clicking on the teacher’s name.

Steve Allen teaches history and civics at Palm Beach Maritime Academy in West Palm Beach, FL. Steve was aboard R/V Bellows.

Maureen Anderson teaches science and health at New Horizons Middle School-MS442 in Brooklyn, NY. Maureen was aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II.

Anne Artz teaches Environmental Science, Biology, and Leadership at The Preuss School UCSD in La Jolla, CA. Anne was aboard NOAA Ship Delaware II.

Elaine Bechler teaches Biology at Santa Rosa High School in Santa Rosa, CA. Elaine was aboard R/V Fulmar.

Kathleen Brown teaches science at Freeport Middle School in Freeport, ME. Kathleen was aboard R/V Hugh R. Sharp.

Elizabeth Bullock teaches math and drama at Green Acres School in Rockville, MD. Elizabeth was aboard R/V Walton Smith.

Stephen Bunker teaches science at Northridge Elementary in Orem, UT. Stephen was aboard R/V Walton Smith.

Walter Charuba teaches science at Brownell Middle School in Grosse Pointe, MI. Walter was aboard R/V Savannah.

Channa Comer teaches high school science at Urban Assembly Academy of History and Citizenship for Young Men in Bronx, NY. Channa was aboard R/V Hugh R. Sharp.

Staci DeSchryver teaches Earth Science at Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora, CO. Staci was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.

Christopher Faist teaches Life Science at Carmel Valley Middle School in San Diego, CA. Christopher was aboard NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow.

Caitlin Fine teaches science at Francis Scott Key Elementary School in Arlington, VA. Caitlin was aboard NOAA Ship Walton Smith.

Cathrine Fox teaches Biology and Chemistry at Mancos High School (9-12) in Mancos, CO. Cathrine was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.

Jennifer Goldner teaches fifth grade math at Jay Public School: Upper Elementary in Jay, OK. Jennifer was aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II.

Heather Haberman teaches science at Scottsbluf High School in Scottsbluff, NE. Heather was aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II.

jackie hams 1

Jackie Hams teaches Oceanography, Environmental Science, and Physical Geology at Los Angeles Valley College in Los Angeles, CA. Jackie was aboard R/V Revelle.

Kathleen Harrison teaches Earth Science, Biology, and Oceanography at Hampton High School in Hampton, VA. Kathleen was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.

Kaci Heins teaches fifth grade at Peak School in Flagstaff, AZ. Kaci was aboard NOAA Ship Rainier.

Lindsay Knippenberg teaches middle school at NOAA’s Office of Education in Detroit, MI. Lindsay was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.

Jason Moeller teaches science at Knoxville Zoological Gardens in Knoxville, TN. Jason was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.

Anne Mortimer teaches physical science and biology at Mount Vernon High School in Mount Vernon, WA. Anne was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.

Becky Moylan teaches science at Central Middle School in Honolulu, HI. Becky was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette.

Tammy Orilio teaches Marine Science at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. Tammy was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.

Nathan Pierantoni teaches middle school science at Heights Middle School in Farmington, NM. Nathan was aboard R/V Walton Smith.

Karen Rasmussen teaches third and fourth grade at Ocean Shores Elementary School in Ocean Shores, WA. Karen was aboard R/V Tatoosh.

Jessie Soder teaches elementary school at Gustavus School in Gustavus, AK. Jessie was aboard NOAA Ship Delaware II.

Margaret Stephens teaches Environmental Science and Physical Geography at Community College of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA. Margaret was aboard NOAA Ship Pisces.

Kevin Sullivan teaches Marine Science, Environmental Science, and Coastal Zone Management at Middletown High School South in Middletown, NJ. Kevin was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.

John Taylor-Lehman teaches Biology, Chemistry, Oceanography, and Zoology at Tri-Valley High School in Zanesville, OH. John was aboard R/V Savannah.

Paige Teamey teaches science at Irridescent Science Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Paige was aboard NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson.

Caitlin Thompson teaches integrated science and pre-geometry at Ron Russell Middle School in Portland, OR. Caitlin was aboard NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada.

Marian Wagner teaches third and fourth grade at Salmon Bay School in Seattle, WA. Marian was aboard R/V Savannah.

Steven Wilkie teaches science at South Fort Myers High School in Fort Myers, FL. Steven was aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II.

Sue Zupko teaches gifted students at Weatherly Heights Elementary in Huntsville, AL. Sue was aboard NOAA Ship Pisces.