NOAA Teacher at Sea Blog

NOAA Teacher at Sea Suz Acord (2014) on NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette

Teacher at Sea Logs

Below is a list of the NOAA Teachers at Sea for the 2019 Field Season. Once they embark on their cruise, you can gain access to their logs which document their missions at sea and offer a wealth of information about the research being conducted as well as personal stories.  For more recent Teacher Logs, please go to the NOAA Teacher At Sea Homepage

Jill Bartolotta (OH)

Jessica Cobley (AK)

Catherine Fuller (HI)

Katie Gavenus (AK)

Shelley Gordon (CA)

Lona Hall (GA)

Callie Harris (FL)

Allison Irwin (PA)

Ragupathy Kannan (AR)

Linda Kurtz (GA)

David Madden (FL)

Erica Marlaine (CA)

Phil Moorhouse (VA)

Karah Nazor (TN)

Cara Nelson (AK)

Elizabeth Petrick (WA)

Hayden Roberts (OK)

Kathy Schroeder (FL)

Meg Stewart (NY)