Kevin Sullivan: Introduction, August 3, 2011

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Kevin C. Sullivan
Aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson
August 17 — September 2, 2011

Mission: Bering-ALeutian Salmon International Survey (BASIS)
Geographical Area:  Bering Sea
Date:  August 3, 2011

Hello!  I am a public high school science teacher grades 9-12 for the Middletown District in Middletown, NJ.  I have been a teacher here for seven years.  I teach Environmental and Marine Sciences.  Prior to working in education, I was employed by Groundwater and Environmental Services (GES) where I did Environmental Consulting work for Exxon/Mobil.  I live directly across the street from the Atlantic Ocean in Sea Bright, NJ.  I enjoy anything associated with saltwater and am an avid saltwater fisherman.  Below is a picture of a Cubera Snapper that I caught while fishing in Costa Rica.

Cubera Snapper
Here I am (left) holding a Cubera Snapper I caught while fishing in Costa Rica.

A little about my education….  I have a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science with Minor in Marine Sciences from Stockton State College in Pomona, NJ. I also hold a graduate degree in Geosciences from Mississippi State University. By December of this year, I will finish a masters in Science Education from Capella University.

On August 17th 2011, I will be departing from NJ to begin my two-week adventure aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson. I am extremely excited to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity that has been awarded to me through the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program.

To be given the opportunity to be able to work with scientists in the field is remarkable!  I feel very fortunate to be part of such a rare opportunity and look forward to being able to share with my students, the enthusiasm and knowledge that this expedition will present.

The operating area of this cruise will be the Southeastern Bering Sea Shelf.

To learn more about the objectives of this cruise prior to my departure, please refer to the Bering-Aleutian Salmon International Survey (BASIS) webpage.

I look forward to posting much more as my travels begin.

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    1. No dolphina where I am (Currently, Gulf of ALaska, Berring Sea Bound) Latitude is to high, waters are to cool. ALthough they are mammals, I just dont think there is enough forage (bait) species to warrant the energy expenditure to come this far North. Whales and other mammals will surely make the journey into these and even further north waters but a lot of them are baleen / plankton feeders and also dont have the metabolism and energy requirement that dolphins have/need. Hope this helps and if I hear otherwise, I will update this entry. THANKS>

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