Susan Just, June 19, 2006

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Susan Just
Onboard NOAA Ship Oregon II
June 15 – 30, 2006

Mission: Summer Groundfish Survey
Geographical Area: Gulf of Mexico
Date: June 19, 2006

Science and Technology Log 

There is very little to report today. The only science being done aboard the OREGON II is the data compilation of Kim Johnson, the Chief Scientist. As far as technology goes, the main action was the efficient repair of the forward radar so we could get underway again.

Personal Log 

I know I should be focused on the mission but I have to admit that I have benefited from this down time. I’d been moving fast and furious since before school ended. Taking some time to read and rest has made a new woman of me. We expect to be on station in about 20 hours so my next watch will still be clear. I’ll get some interviews in, hopefully.

Question of the Day 

What do fisheries research interns do on watch when the boat is steady steaming?

Answer: They watch DVD movies and read books.


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