Mandi Gillespie, July 6, 2007

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Mandi Gillespie
Onboard NOAA Ship Oregon II
July 5 – 7, 2007

Mission: Summer Groundfish Survey
Geographical Area: Gulf of Mexico
Date: July 7, 2007

NOAA ship OREGON II at port waiting to set sail.
NOAA ship OREGON II at port waiting to set sail.

Weather Data from Bridge 
Visibility: n/a
Wind direction:243
Wind speed: 6.7 kts
Sea wave height n/a
Swell wave height: n/a
Seawater temperature: 26.8 C
Sea level pressure: 1016 mb
Cloud cover: n/a

Science and Technology Log 

This cruise’s mission is two fold: 1) stock assessment of fish and invertebrates and 2) mapping of the hypoxia zone. To assess the fish and invertebrate stock, a 40-foot bottom trawl net collects bottom samples from designated sites. The samples are gathered, identified, measured and weighed by the scientists on board the ship. Data collected is eventually used to set bag limits for fish and shrimp. To measure the hypoxic zone, equipment is deployed from the ship at specific sites. Dissolved oxygen level is collected. This data is used to map the Gulf of Mexico’s hypoxic zone.

Personal Log 

I arrived onboard the OREGON II on July 4th eager to set sail. However, we have been delayed because the auxiliary emergency generator onboard will not start. Once the generator functions properly, we will be able to set sail.

My position title is watch stander and am told training for my position is “on the job”. I am scheduled on the day shift which is 12:00 to 24:00. I look forward to fulfilling my duties as a watch stander to better understand how the samples are collected and processed.

Question of the Day 

What is a hypoxic zone? 

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