Karolyn Braun, October 11, 2006

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Karolyn Braun
Onboard NOAA Ship Ka’imimoana
October 4 – 28, 2006

Mission: TAO Buoy Array Maintenance
Geographical Area: Hawaii
Date: October 11, 2006

TAS Braun holds up the catch of the day, a mahi mahi!
TAS Braun holds up the catch of the day, a mahi mahi!

Science and Technology Log 

Today has been a busy and exciting one. Last night’s CTD I did on my own but with Tonya, the Chief Survey Tech looking over my shoulder to see if I made any mistakes.  This morning I was on my own—an excellent cast and recovery (if I do say so myself) with no problems occurring. Once the CTD was secure, we prepared the ARGO buoy, which was deployed by slowly lowering it into the water. After the bottom filled with water, we disconnected it from the line and away it went., By the time the AOML buoy was deployed, the CTD cast was finished and the water samples for the chlorophyll project were complete, it was breakfast time.  After having some oatmeal, I tried to nap but it was such a glorious morning I couldn’t bear to be inside.  I stood staring out into what seems like a never-ending ocean thinking how fortunate I am to have been chosen for this program—not only for the experiences I have had already or for the knowledge I am going to go home with, but also for the amazing people I have been able to get to know who work on this vessel day in and day out to ensure all projects run smoothly.

At 11:00 we were preparing for a visit to the TAO buoy at 5N/155W. This buoy did not need to be recovered as it was still in excellent working order.  The Chief Scientist, Patrick, viewed the buoy and no repairs were needed either.  While the boat was sailing around the buoy at a slow pace, some of us tried our hands at fishing off the back for some dinner.  We caught a nice Mahi Mahi…YUM!  The CTD was just about to begin so all lines had to come in and it was down to business.  The CTD went effortlessly, and after that, I deployed my first AOML buoy.  The Marine Science Program at the American Samoa Community College has adopted three Adopt-a-Drifter buoys with this program.  Very exciting!

After all the excitement I got in a nice workout and a much needed shower.  After dinner tonight we have another CTD and the fun will be over until tomorrow morning.

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