Jacquelyn Hams, July 29, 2006

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Jacquelyn Hams
Onboard NOAA Ship Rainier
July 24 – August 11, 2006

Mission: Hydrographic Survey
Geographical Area: Shumagin Islands, Alaska
Date: July 29, 2006

TAS Jacquelyn Hams helps prepare lines on a boat
TAS Jacquelyn Hams helps prepare lines on a boat

Partly cloudy
Visibility: 10 nm
Wind direction: 250
Wind speed: 140 knots
Sea Wave height: 1 ft.
Seawater temperature: 9.4 degrees C
Sea level pressure: 1024.3 mb
Temperature dry bulb: 13.3 degrees C
Temperature wet bulb: 11.1 degrees C

Science and Technology Log 

At 0900 all new personnel including Teachers at Sea participated in deck training.  Deck training consists of learning basic sailing knots and handling lines for launching the boats. Deck training lasted from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. with 1/2 hour for lunch. One of the first things I learned is the difference between handling lines on a recreational boat and a ship. Recreational boaters always lock a knot when you tie up at a dock. Ships never lock a knot because the lines are much heavier and they need to loosen lines quickly. Recreational boaters tidy lines and make clever loops and swirls.

Ships demand utility and want lines hanging in places that are easy to access.  I also practiced another way to tie a bowline! A bowline is a basic knot that is taught as many different ways as there are people who tie them. It is important that everyone learn safety procedures and participate in lowering and raising the boats. Most of the survey work is done from boats while the RAINIER is anchored. I feel slightly uneasy walking around the deck of the boats.  Even though there are sufficient hand holds, I am ever vigilant and aware of how cold the water is!

Personal Log 

Here are some stunning photos taken from the RAINIER anchorage at Porpoise Harbor.  These photos were taken after 9 p.m.

View of Nagai Island from Porpoise
View of Nagai Island from Porpoise
View of Nagai Island from Porpoise Harbor
View of Nagai Island from Porpoise Harbor


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