Kaci Heins: Introduction, August 1, 2011

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Kaci Heins
Aboard NOAA Ship Rainier
September 6 — 22, 2011

Mission: Hydrographic Survey
Geographical Area: Alaskan Coastline
Date: August 1, 2011

Kaci Heins
Kaci Heins at Space Academy for Educators June 2010

HI! My name is Kaci Heins and I am really looking forward to my NOAA Teacher at Sea cruise on NOAA Ship Rainier! Usually my head is up in the clouds or in space with NASA programs, but for this experience I will have to acquire my sea legs! I have only been on small boats for really short periods of time and a cruise boat at sea.  Living in the high desert of Flagstaff, Arizona, this experience will be a great way to make the 6th grade ocean and atmosphere curriculum meaningful to the students.  Not only will this experience tie into my science curriculum, but the mapping will also connect to my social studies content.

My cruise will focus on hydrographic surveying of the ocean floor.  I am really excited to see the scientists at work and how the technology helps in creating these 3-D maps.

The best thing about these amazing teacher opportunities is that I am able to bring back the experience to the classroom to enhance the curriculum.  I am able to bring in great resources, network with scientists, and expose students to new STEM (Science, technology, engineering, & math) careers.  These experiences provide so much more than what a textbook or worksheet can.  It is real world and hands-on.  This translates into students retaining the information longer and them having their own positive experiences that can lead to possible careers down the road.  Below, is just one of those experiences I can’t wait to share with my students who were the master minds behind our zero-g experiment.

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  1. Mis Heins,
    Is living on ocean what you expected or is it 100% different or in between?
    hopes its going well. the interact game was fun and the subsitute is cool.

    have fun

    1. It’s great so far Ellora! I hope to have internet by tomorrow so I can share some pictures, video, and go into more detail about what it is like so far. Keep the questions coming!

  2. Hi Mrs. Heins!
    Glad to see you made in aboard your ship. Where are you and what are you doing? My class will be following you on your trip. What is your cabin like? How many teachers are you with? Have you started your work mapping the ocean floor?
    Tammy Eubanks
    The PEAK School
    6th Grade Teacher

    1. Hi Mrs. Eubanks class!! I hope you are all doing well!! Right now we are going by Canada as we head up the Inside Passage towards Alaska, which is the Southern part of the state. My cabin is small but comfy. I feel like I am back in college in a dorm! We have to share a bathroom with the state room next to us. Everything has special locks on them so that if we hit rough seas things dont go flying around! I am the only teacher on this ship with about 50 other officers and crew. Everyone is so nice and helpful! We haven’t started the surveying yet. Because the boat only goes about 10-12 knots an hour we plan on getting there Monday around midnight. Keep sending your questions and I will keep answering them! Miss you all!

  3. Hi Mrs.Heins!!!!!!!!!
    I was wondering if you could ask the captin about what do they do for entertainment when there board.
    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well Kyle, sometimes it is tough to get bored on the boat. Many of the officers do a lot of different jobs that are scheduled during the day. Right now they they are scheduled for 4 hours on and 8 hours off. For example, one of the officers has a shift from 12-4. This means that this person has to work from 12pm – 4pm, but then they ALSO have to work from 12 am – 4 am. That can be tough on the sleep cycle so they try to take naps, eat, and take care of any other duties during the 8 hours off. We do have satellite TV, movies, every video game from basic Nintendo to XBOX, and of course internet. However, we still don’t use a lot of these because there is so much to do even in a day and in a short 3 week period. Hope this helps! Keep the questions coming!

  4. Hey, do you know if it’s possible for an electrical engineer with a minor (hopefully!) in marine biology to get a job on a radical ship like that? To be on a ship and doing stuff with the ocean like you is my dream!

  5. Hi Mrs. Heins!
    How are you? I was curious about where the boat stores all of its garbage?
    Answer whenever you can!

  6. I already have another question for you!
    At night, when you are walking up the stairs to the helm, do you have troble seeing the stairs?
    – John

    1. Hi John,
      There aren’t many times that I am walking up to the helm at night, but everything is well lit within the boat so it is easy to see. However, once you get to the bridge at night everything is pitch black and red filters cover all the computer screens. This is to allow the officers to be able to see any lights that are important to navigation or to see other ships coming our way. I did get to be at the helm once at night and it was a little nerve wracking because it is pitch black and you rely totally on the technology to keep you going where you want to go.

  7. Hi Mrs. Heins how are you doing i was wondering if it was awkward video taping every body. Also is it fun doing the hydrographic survey? do you get any free time on the boat?
    sincerly jason sealover
    ps. have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Jason,
      Sometimes people are a little intimidated by the camera at first, but then they loosen up. Once they see the finished video they get pretty excited because they like to share their line of work with you all. It is fun doing the hydrographic surveying. It is so cool to see the sea floor for the first time. I feel like I’m seeing a whole new world! I do have a little free time, but this is when I usually try to interview the crew.

  8. Do you get hed ackes from all the technolagy and the rocking of the boat?

    just wonderinning
    -jason 🙂 😉 😀 :p

    1. Hi Jason,
      I dont really get headaches from the technology, but sometimes from the boat rocking in the high seas.

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