Jacquelyn Hams, August 9, 2006

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Jacquelyn Hams
Onboard NOAA Ship Rainier
July 24 – August 11, 2006

Mission: Hydrographic Survey
Geographical Area: Shumagin Islands, Alaska
Date: August 9, 2006

ENS Meghan McGovern on left, and ENS Olivia Hauser on right, RAINIER Junior Officers, looking at unmarked buoy sighted by officers on bridge of the RAINIER
ENS Meghan McGovern and ENS Olivia Hauser, Jr Officers, looking at unmarked buoy sighted on the bridge

Weather: Foggy, cloudy
Visibility: 1.5 nm
Wind direction: 130
Wind speed: 6 knots
Swell Waves direction: 260
Swell height: 1-2 ft
Seawater temperature: 11.7 degrees C
Sea level pressure: 1014,9 mb
Temperature dry bulb: 12.8 degrees C
Temperature wet bulb: 12.2 degrees C

Personal Log 

I continue to work on activities that can be incorporated into my classes.  The RAINIER is underway to Seward, Alaska. There is some excitement on the bridge after lunch, when an unmarked buoy is sighted on the port side of the ship. Several officers come to the bridge to observe and the buoy is marked on the chart.  As it turns out, this is not a “find” and was updated on the Notice to Mariners put out by NOAA.

After dinner, fog moves in and the RAINIER sounds the fog horn.  As a sailor, I don’t like fog. I am comforted by the fact that I am aboard a large ship with good radar system to detect approaching ships. The fog begins to lift a little and the last day of the cruise, like the first day, is marked by seeing humpback whales.

If this had truly been a “find”, the buoy would have been penciled in and added by NOAA.
If this had truly been a “find”, the buoy would have been penciled in and added by NOAA.

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