JoAnne Kronberg, July 13, 2005

NOAA Teacher at Sea
JoAnne Kronberg
Onboard NOAA Ship Rainier
July 12 – 22, 2005

Mission: Hydrographic Survey
Geographical Area: North Pacific
Date: July 13, 2005

Weather Data
Latitude:  46.28N
Longitude: 122.4 W
Wind:  West at 20-30 Knots
Waves:  3-5 feet subsiding to 2-3 feet
Temperature: 70 degrees
Cloud Cover: Partly Cloudy with possible drizzle

Science and Technology Log

I boarded the RAINIER cruiser RA4 at 7:00 am to begin our mission today.  Our mission today was to survey the waters between Alan Island and Burrows Island.  There are two separate waterways between the Islands and they are called Allan’s Pass and Barrows Pass.

Of course, before heading out to this area, we dropped the CTD Cast in the water beside the boat to determine the Conductivity, Temperature and the Density of the water.  We need to know this information before we begin to do our survey.  These factors will certainly affect readings that we receive from the sensors.

The four computer screens were operating just find giving up the pictures of the bottom, the range of the sensors, the location of the sensor in relationship to the surrounding waters and the lines we were following to survey. The second computer screen specifically gives us the depth of the water.  Depth is indicated by different colors- brownish color indicates shallow and green indicates more depth.  Our average depth today was 79.6 feet.

When we finished surveying the waters around the two islands, we moved to the south of Alan Island to complete a survey that had been started earlier this spring.

I noticed two interesting items today.  There was a lighthouse on one promontory called Fidalgo Head. I saw a large solar panel located at the base of the lighthouse.  I assumed that the energy was used to light the lighthouse and this was confirmed by our engineer.  I also noticed a great deal of kelp in the waters around the islands.  I was told that a great deal comes from the islands when it washes down from the stiff cliffs.

It was an exciting day for me because I got to drive (pilot) for a short while around the islands. I am experiencing and learning so many new things.

Signing off for today, JoAnne Kronberg Teacher-at-Sea

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