Debbie Stringham, July 5, 2005

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Debbie Stringham
Onboard NOAA Ship Fairweather
July 5 – 15, 2005

Mission: Survey
Geographical Area: North Pacific, Alaska
Date: July 5, 2005

Personal Log 

I arrived at Homer Airport at 2015 and called the FAIRWEATHER Officer on  Deck (OOD) to find the location of the ship and if there was a ride available. Unfortunately, I was only able to reach answering machines. It seems all of the ship’s phone lines were down. At 2230, two local girls offered me a ride to the harbor and assisted in finding where the ship was docked. By 0000, I was on board and given a tour, along with the two locals, by the FAIRWEATHER’s Chief Survey Technician. The ship is 231 feet long and 42 feet in breadth and I’m amazed at how large it feels inside. I’ll inhabit a single state room on the starboard side of the ship for the next ten days!


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