Andi Webb: Predeparture for the Oregon II, June 16, 2014

NOAA Teacher at Sea

Andi Webb

Aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II 

July 11 – 19, 2014

I leave on Tuesday for a trip to the South Pacific and when I return, I’ll be ready to leave for NOAA’s Teacher at Sea program on the Oregon II! School is out and it’s time for the adventures to begin. I’m looking very forward to making new friends and learning a lot! Thank you to NOAA for this amazing opportunity and thank you to Jenny Goldner Daftari for all of her help! I am a K-5 Instructional Coach at Alderman Road Elementary and love science! I am excited to work on the Oregon II in the Gulf of Mexico. ARES is a great school in Fayetteville, NC and I hope our students will learn a lot from this experience. Thank you to NOAA for making it possible!

TAS Items
I was so excited to receive a package with NOAA TAS stuff! It had a shirt, hat, water bottle, fanny pack, and book in the box!
School's Out
This is me in front of my school marquee wearing my NOAA TAS gear!

4 Replies to “Andi Webb: Predeparture for the Oregon II, June 16, 2014”

  1. Thank you! I’m very much looking forward to it. So I need rain boots? Is there anything else that you would advise? Thank you~Andi

  2. Sorry Andi, I was in CO and did not have internet. You will love the crew and scientist! Everyone is so helpful, I miss them all! Enjoy-I will read your blogs!

  3. Hi Andi,
    Enjoying following your blog. Our son is volunteering on this survey as well, so it’s really nice to hear what’s happening. Please tell Austin hello, thanks and enjoy!
    Rebecca Smith

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