Sue Zupko: 8 Happy Birthday

NOAA Teacher at Sea: Sue Zupko
NOAA Ship: Pisces
MissionExtreme Corals 2011; explore the ocean bottom to map and study health of corals and their habitat
Geographical Area of Cruise: SE United States deep water from off Mayport, FL to Biscayne Bay, FL
Date: June 4, 2011

Weather Data from the Bridge
Wind Speed: 2.4 knots
Wind Direction: 29.45°
Visibility: 10 n.m.
Surface Water Temperature: 28.6°C
Air Temperature:29.6°C
Relative Humidity: 60%
Barometric Pressure:1017.80mb
Water Depth: 251.75 m
Salinity: 36.35 PSU
Dry/Wet Bulb: 26/23.5

Sunrise over the ocean; dark sky, puffy clouds, pink horizonWhile speaking with Captain Jeremy Adams this morning, I mentioned that today, June 4, is my grandson, Wyatt’s, birthday.  He happily stated that the good ship, Pisces, was born June 4, 2009.  Wyatt is one year older than this ship.  Happy birthday, Pisces and Wyatt.

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