Sue Zupko: 3 On the Pisces

NOAA Teacher at Sea: Sue Zupko
NOAA Ship: Pisces
Mission: Study deep water coral, Lophelia, in the Gulf Stream
Geographical Area of Cruise: SE United States in Gulf Stream from off Mayport, FL to south of St. Lucie Inlet, FL
Date: May 31, 2011
Weather Data from the Bridge
Clouds: Partly Cloudy
Wind Speed: 8 knots
Wind Direction: 020
Visibility:10 nautical miles (n.m.)
Swells: 3-4′
Barometric Pressure: 1018.4mb
Salinity: 126.9
Dry/Wet Bulb: 26.8/24

I am finally here on the Pisces.  The weather is perfect.  Puffy clouds, nice breeze.  I love being in the harbor.  There are ships all around us and there is always something going on.  We are berthed (parked) literally next to a missile cruiser.  Instead of having a gangway (walkway) directly onto our ship, we must climb up some metal stairs (no kidding–you have to be able to pull yourself up about two feet to get started), board this cruiser, then cut across to another gangway to go to the Pisces.

Walkway made of metal with holes and raised slats

Although we have shown ID at the gate, and the entrance to the pier, we must show it again to get onto this ship.  There are a lot of guards.  The gangway is not the easiest thing to walk on even though there are railings on both sides.  The floor has slats that stick up and are easy to trip on.  I really had to watch my step.  Try carrying heavy gear while maneuvering on this.  We had to unload our cars and trucks and carry just about everything across these two gangways.  Thank goodness one of the crew was there to help me.  Would have been a struggle to get my duffel up those first few steps.

Looks like two aluminum pie pans stuck with the wide sides together
What is this?

What is this?  Vote using the survey on what this is a picture of.  It is an important object on our ship.



This is an eye wash.  Scientists often use chemicals in their work and if something splashes, they can step on a pedal and it opens up the top of this “waffle iron” and water eye-width apart rinses the chemical from their eyes.  It’s a handy safety device.


5 Replies to “Sue Zupko: 3 On the Pisces”

  1. Sounds a lot of fun Mrs. Zupko! I’m enjoying this blog more than I thought I would.
    Keep us posted and have a great time. 🙂

    1. Glad you’re enjoying my blog. Keep checking back. I’ll be covering things such as what we eat on the ship, what it’s like to sleep here, close quarters, drills, and, of course, our research findings.

    1. Sleeping on the boat is great for me. We gently rock. I slept like a rock the first two nights. Lots going on. No problem with sea legs. It’s a bit tricky exercising at times. Interesting walking down a hallway or trying to balance a cup of water. Didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it. Now, if you were to ask someone else how I’m doing, you might get a different answer…

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