Kimberly Lewis, July 10, 2010

NOAA Teacher at Sea

Kimberly Lewis

Aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II

July 1 -July  16 2010

Mission: SEAMAP Summer Groundfish Survey

Geographical Area of Cruise: Gulf of Mexico

Date: Sunday, July 10, 2010

My moon in the Gulf

Holding Fish
Holding Fish

One of my favorite fish – Moon Fish (Selenesetapinnus)

Had a pretty good sleep tonight, still not able to sleep straight thru. I usually wake up around 1700 hrs, so I went ahead and jumped out of bed and had some clam chowder in the galley. Yummy.It is now 0300 hrs and I can hear the crane warming up to bring in our next catch.

The other day we were non-stop working and someone said, “I hope this next catch is low”. Then we all looked at each other and realized what was said. If we hope for a low catch that means less work, however, that also means a poor ecosystem. So we really should hope for large catches…… funny when you think about what you wish for sometimes when you are tired. See ya later,

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