Chuck Gregory, August 16, 2007

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Chuck Gregory
Onboard NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson
August 12 – 24, 2007

Mission: Hydrographic Survey
Geographical Area: New York Harbor
Date: August 16, 2007

The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave” ~Thomas Jefferson

Here’s the Plan of the Day (POD):
Sunrise = 0607h Sunset = 1954h
0000h Ship at Sandy Hook, NJ anchorage
0700h Breakfast and first Dramamine
0745h Launch safety brief (Survey)
0800h Deploy Launches (3101 & 3102) – I will be on 3102.
1100h Time for second Dramamine
1210h Lunch
1500h Third Dramamine
1745h Retrieve launches & dinner

Tides for Sandy Hook Low @ 0450h (0.1 ft.) & 1704h (0.5 ft.); High @ 1102h (5.0 ft.) & 2306h (4.8 ft.). Currents in Sandy Hook Channel Ebb: 0158h (1.7 kts.), 1419h (1.5 kts.); Flood: 0757h (1.9 kts.) & 2013h (1.8 kts.). Weather from Sandy Hook to Fire Island AM: NE winds 5-10 kts., seas 2-4 ft.; PM: S winds 15-20 kts., seas 3-5 ft. Chance of PM showers and thunderstorms.

Chuck on board one of the hydrographic survey launches.  The launch is getting ready to be retrieved by the NOAA Ship THOMAS JEFFERSON, thus the protective gear.
Chuck on board one of the hydrographic survey launches. The launch is getting ready to be retrieved by the NOAA Ship THOMAS JEFFERSON, thus the protective gear.

Today is another 10 hour day on Launch 3102. We’ll be mostly surveying the area just off Sandy Hook beach. Sandy Hook beach is a nice stretch of sand that is half public beach and half private (read: nudist) beach.  I am sure the view of us running back and forth in front of the private beach was seen with as much curiosity as the view from #3102.

Ten hours is a long day on a 31’ launch. I was with Cox’n (Coxswain) Pooser and Survey Tech. Melody: two very competent people.  The seas were calm at first, but, as forecasted, wind and waves picked up as our day progressed.  Doing track lines on the open-ocean side of Sandy Hook only made the seas rougher, but when tracking took us into the lee of the harbor the seas calmed right down and all was good.

A little note on Dramamine.  With a history of seasickness, I made sure I had enough of this wonderful medication before I left Maine.  On days in the launch, my plan was to take one an hour before we left the ship, a second pill four hours later, and a third (if necessary) in the afternoon. Today this plan worked quite well.  At no time did I feel sea sick, even though the seas were 3-5 feet and the launch was bouncing up and down.  [Of course having an air conditioned cabin, staring at the horizon, and eating crackers is still recommended.]

Lunch was left over meatloaf sandwiches (I love left over meatloaf sandwiches!), yesterday’s beef and noodles (I love day old beef and noodles!), chips, juice, and cookies.  Needless to say, lunch was good!  It took us about 20 minutes to eat and get back to work. Our launch day ended around 1730h and we were back on the ship, as planned, by 1745h.  There was some concern with the cables used to deploy and retrieve the launches, so we were asked to use the wooded Jacob’s ladder to get back on the ship.  Actually kinda fun!

Dinner was tuna steak, beef steak, rice, and green beans.  A day working at sea in the fresh, salt air sure makes me hungry.  What’s new, Chuck!?!? I phoned Roxann, responded to a few e-mails, and decided to watch a movie and ‘veg’ for a little while before going to bed at 2130h.


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