Karolyn Braun, October 25, 2006

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Karolyn Braun
Onboard NOAA Ship Ka’imimoana
October 4 – 28, 2006

Mission: TAO Buoy Array Maintenance
Geographical Area: Hawaii
Date: October 25, 2006

TAS Braun enjoys her birthday dinner with the crew.
TAS Braun enjoys her birthday dinner with the crew.

Plan of the Day 

This morning started off with lots of Happy Birthdays! Yes today I am turning another year older….wow. Can’t believe I am leaving my 20’s behind and welcoming the 30’s!  Well today was pretty relaxing. At breakfast the crew gave me the Birthday hat to wear.

I had to wear it all day, so I did. I spooled a few lines when we started the recovery of the 4N TAO buoy then talked to my parents on the phone….Hi mom and dad!  I spent a half hour in the pool. Very nice afternoon for a swim.  After my swim, I got ready for dinner.  The Stewards made my favorite dinner: Pork chops and mashed potatoes with applesauce.  YUMMY! They also sang and made a birthday cake for me.  It was a very nice birthday here on the KAIMIMOANA.

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