Jacquelyn Hams, August 5, 2006

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Jacquelyn Hams
Onboard NOAA Ship Rainier
July 24 – August 11, 2006

Mission: Hydrographic Survey
Geographical Area: Shumagin Islands, Alaska
Date: August 5, 2006

Partly cloudy
Visibility: 10 nm
Wind direction: 231
Wind speed: 4 knots
Seawater temperature: 10 degrees C
Sea level pressure: 1016.3 mb
Temperature dry bulb: 11.7 degrees C
Temperature wet bulb: 10.6 degrees C

Science and Technology Log

I continue working on lesson plans today related to sonar imagery.  The survey technicians suggest a basic guide to interpreting sonar imagery:  “Sound Underwater Images: A Guide to the Interpretation of Side Scan Sonar Data” by John P. Fish and H. Arnold Carr, published by American Underwater Search and Survey.

Able Seaman Leslie Abramson in background and Jodie Edmond in foreground preparing to raise the anchor

Able Seaman Leslie Abramson and Jodie Edmond preparing to raise the anchor


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