Cecelia Carroll:  Simple Tools, May 9, 2017

NOAA Teacher At Sea
Cecelia Carroll
Aboard NOAA Ship Henry B Bigelow
May 2 -13, 2017

Mission:  Spring Bottom Trawl

Geographic Area:  Northeastern Atlantic

Latitude:  4311.534 N

Longitude:  06938.601 W

Conditions: Clear

Science and Technology 

As a math teacher accustomed to measuring and collecting data in the classroom,  a simple measuring tool caught my interest in the wet lab.  Among the computerized scales and measuring system is a tool that has been around for a long time. This tool is referred to as “wind chimes” and is used to measure the volume of the contents of the fishes’ stomach. It’s proper name is “volumetric gauge”.

The contents of the stomach of the fish is aligned next to one of the “wind chimes” in the thickness that matches the diameter of the “wind chime.” The units are measured in cubic centimeters.  The number on the gauge will be entered into the computer for further study of that particular fish.

“Wind Chimes”
“Wind Chimes”


Once the stomach content, the prey, is measured, it is examined and separated into species and the percent of the total is recorded as well as to the extent it has been digested: fresh, partial, well.

Measuring the stomach contents of a fish
Fish are measured and weighed on the scale and the data automatically saved on the computer.
Scale monitors

Personal Bio:  

While sorting the fish, I have been able to put aside some starfish for a nice photo before they are released back into the sea.

Starfish on the conveyor belt.
Sun starfish (crossaster papposus) Diameter approx. 6cm
Me holding one of the larger lobsters of the day.
Sunset over the coastline of Maine

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