Donna Knutson: TAS 2, June 1, 2016

 NOAA Teacher at Sea
Donna Knutson
Onboard R/V Hugh R. Sharp
June 8-24, 2016

Mission: Atlantic Scallop/Benthic Habitat Survey
Geographical Area of Cruise: Northeastern U.S. Atlantic Coast
Date: June 1, 2016

School is almost done for another year.  It is amazing how time goes by so quickly.  Then off to another adventure. Teacher at Sea again!  How fortunate I am to be involved in another incredible learning opportunity! The NOAA Teacher at Sea program has provided me with the most unique professional development of my career.  As a TAS I am allowed to join a team of scientists and learn first hand what it takes to “do” science.  I am already anticipating what it will be like to return to class in the fall with my new experiences to share.  TAS really does breathe life into a science teacher and her classroom even after 27 years of teaching!  I better go finish packing!!

TAS Donna Knutson Sette 2010
TAS Donna Knutson sailed on NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette in 2010

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    1. Thanks Brent! Just went up to the bow and saw some dolphins. It is dark here now, so was a bit hard to see.

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