Dr. Laura Brezinsky, April 18, 2004

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Laura Brezinsky
Aboard NOAA Ship Miller Freeman
April 8 – April 22, 2004

Day 8: Sunday, April 18, 2004

Latitude: 52.28.03N
Longitude: 171 10.7

Weather: continuous clear
Visibility: 29.5-49.5 ft (Very High)
Wind direction: 285 degrees
Wind speed: 35 (m/s)
Sea wave height :up to 16 feet
Sea water temperature: 4.1 Degrees
Sea level pressure: 1007.5

Science and Technology Log

The above data is from 0800 this morning. Last night the weather came up but we continued out to Amukta pass to try and recover 4 buoys. Unfortunately the waves and wind were too big for operations. This morning we are hiding on the lee of a small Aleutian island tucked in between 3 volcanoes (see attached photo) waiting to see if the weather subsides. We are scheduled to arrive in Dutch Harbor on April 21 or 22 so we can wait here for a couple days in the hopes we can grab those buoys because that is our priority at this point. So, no CTD’s were done and no buoys recovered

Personal Log

Right before bed last night I made my nightly visit up to the bridge. The waves were pretty big and it was fun riding them way up high on the bridge with the knowledge that this boat has been in much worse conditions during is decades of service. After I left the bridge the captain did report seeing “green” water which happens when the waves get so big that they hit the windshield of the bridge so far down from the peak that you see green water.