Dr. Lauren Brezinsky, April 19, 2004

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Laura Brezinsky
Aboard NOAA Ship Miller Freeman
April 8 – April 22, 2004

Day10: Monday, April 19, 2004

Latitude: 52.10.107N
Longitude: 168 11.925

Weather: continuous clear
Visibility: 29.5-49.5 ft (Very High)
Wind direction: 391 degrees
Wind speed: 16 (m/s)
Sea wave height :approximately 5-6 feet
Sea water temperature: 4.1 Degrees

Science and Technology Log

We successfully retrieved the 4 buoys in Amukta pass. Today we will pick up 2 of the 4 buoys in the Alaska stream and do before and after CTD readings. Normally we could do all 4 data points in a day but the ocean is so deep that it will take excessive time to do the CTDs. Tomorrow we will get the other 2 buoys and from there we have buoys in

Samulga pass and then into port in Dutch Harbor. Currently the predicted arrival is the night of the 21st

Personal log

Last night we all tossed in our bunks looking forward to a bed that doesn’t move. So far I have been fortunate not to have sea sickness, but others have not been as fortunate.

Question of the Day: Describe the physiology of motion sickness including a detailed description of the inner ear. What is the structure of the inner ear that connects directly with the central nervous system? What are some possible causes of congenital deafness, what new technologies are being used to treat deafness and what defects can be treated with these technologies?


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